Frequently Asked Questions

What is a community?
A community can be any group of people that work together to achieve a common goal. Examples include schools, clubs, businesses, towns, villages and churches.

How can my community join?
Click the “get your community involved” bar on the website home page and enter your request.

When will my files appear on the website?
Your file(s) will go “live” on the website once they have been approved by your your community leader

How do I comment?
Using the box provided type your comments then click “Save”. Remember, keep it constructive and clean. Your username will appear next to any comments you leave.

How do I vote?
Move your mouse over the dots next to the “vote now” tab and submit your vote

How many votes can I have?
You can only vote once per media clip

How do I report abuse?
Click on the “Report abuse” tab and make your report. Then click “Submit”. A Community Album moderator will respond.

What is collaborate?
Collaborate allows you to work with people from other communities on the site. You can upload a file and invite others to add to your work. Maybe you have a drum track that needs a bass line; or a video that needs a soundtrack; or maybe you would like someone to add a cool effect to a photo you have taken.. the possibilities are endless. Simply upload your file and invite offers of help!

How do I collaborate?
Click on the “Collaborate” tab. You have two choices:

  1. Click “Post new collaboration topic” Fill in the required fields and upload your file You will receive an email when someone has collaborated with you
  2. Collaborate with someone else Choose a collaboration topic and you will be able to download files that other community members have uploaded for collaboration. Once you have collaborated, post it back into the same topic, so that someone else can add more, or submit it for moderation in the normal way.

Why has my upload not been approved?
You must wait until your file has been approved by your community leader. If it has been rejected they should send you an email telling you why.
These are some of the reasons it may have been rejected:
Did you use any bad language, or offensive images/ lyrics?
Did you use any copyrighted material in your file ie any material that you don’t own the rights to?

Why has my upload not appeared?
Is your file in the correct format? (check the formats list on each upload page)
Is your file too big? (check the size limit on each upload page)
Did your computer lose its internet connection during the upload?
Did you close the upload window during the upload?
It may be waiting to be approved by your community leader

What is copyright?
Copyright (also known as intellectual property) allows people to own the rights to their songs, videos and photos in the same way that they can own physical property.
It enables the creators of the work to earn money from their work. It also protects their work and allows them to control how other people use it.
Copyright law aims to balance the interests of those who invest their time and effort in creating work, with those of the people who want to use and enjoy that work.

What videos can I upload?
You can only upload videos that you have filmed or own the rights to.

What photos can I upload?
You can only upload photos that you have taken or own the rights to.

How could I earn money from my song?
Copyright enables you to earn money (royalties) from a song in various ways: If you compose a musical work (e.g. music and/or lyrics of a song), your copyright entitles you to payment whenever the song is:
a) Performed or broadcast in public e.g. in a pub, at a live concert, on the radio, via the internet, or even as background music in a shop. This is known as a ‘performing’ royalty.
b) Recorded or copied onto different formats, either as a hard copy, like a CD, or as a download. This is called a ‘mechanical’ royalty.
If you record a new version of a song (if you arranged for the recording or paid for the recording), you own the copyright in that sound recording. Whenever it is performed in public you should earn a royalty.
As it is very complicated to try and collect your own royalties, writers generally register with a ‘collecting society’ which does this on their behalf.

Other ways to earn money include:

  • If you compose a musical work for commission (often for films and TV series).
  • If you allow your song to be used in other media such as films, computer games, commercials (this is called ‘synchronisation’).

Payment for commissions or synchronisation is usually based on an individual contract rather than through collecting societies.

What are ‘moral rights’?
‘Moral rights’ are an additional form of protection that gives writers the right to be identified as the author of that piece of work and enable them to stop other people from using their work in a way they don’t like.

How can I copyright my music?
As soon as you create an original musical work i.e. it is not copied from someone else, and it is recorded in some form, you automatically own the copyright in that work.
However you may want to take some extra precautions so that you can prove that it is your work in case anyone copies or uses it without permission in the future.
You should always write the international copyright symbol ©, the name of the copyright owner (i.e. you the writer) and the year in which the work was first written, clearly on the original and on every copy of the work. Anyone who uses your work will then be made aware that it is protected by copyright.
Put a copy of the work (on paper and as a recording) in an envelope, sign your name across the seal of the envelope and send it to yourself by recorded delivery. Do NOT open the envelope when you get it back but write the title of the work on the outside of the package (so you can remember what’s inside) and store it in a safe place. As long as the package has a date stamp and is unopened, this proves that your work existed on a certain date; this could be very useful if you ever need to claim for infringement of your copyright in future.

Is my music eligible for copyright protection?
Music is eligible for copyright protection provided it is original (ie not copied from any other musical work) and it is written or recorded

How long does my copyright last in the UK?
It lasts for the whole of your lifetime plus 70 years afterwards

Why can’t I upload music to Community Albums which include samples from my favourite bands?
Sampling is the use of part of other recordings which are incorporated into a new composition. When you sample another song/tune without permission, you may infringe copyright in the song itself (usually owned by the songwriter and their music publisher), and in the sound recording (usually owned by the record company). If you want to use a sample in any other music you create, you must first obtain permission from the copyright owners. They are entitled to refuse permission or charge you for its use. However, it is essential that you do this, otherwise you might endanger the possible successful release of your whole work. Similar rules apply when you use a melody or lyrics from an existing song and quote it in your musical work.

Why shouldn’t I use illegitimate music download services?
The unauthorised distribution of music over the internet is against the law and infringes the rights of composers, music publishers and record labels. Equally important, there is strong evidence that unauthorised distribution means less music is sold. This means there will be less incentive for up and coming creators and artists to create and record new music if no-one is prepared to pay for it! So you should always respect other people’s work, whether you are hoping one day to make money from your own musical talent, or you just enjoy listening to music and want to ensure the music industry stays diverse and healthy. There are lots of legal alternatives now available, and more and more people are using them. For more information see

How do I create a user account?
Click “Create new account” on the website home page Enter your details (you will need your “Community registration code” which you will get from your Community leader). If you don’t know who your community leader is, contact us.

How do I login?
Enter your login and password details in the login boxes and click “log in”

How do I add my account picture?
Once you have logged in go to “My Account”. Click “edit” Under the picture section Click “Choose File” Select your picture or image (wait for image to upload) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save”

How do I change my my password?
Once you have logged in go to “My Account”. Click “edit” Type your new password in “password” and also in “confirm password” boxes click “Save” at the bottom of the page

How can I find my Community’s page?
a) Type the community’s name in the “search” box at the top of the home page
b) Click the “communities” tab and then scroll down. When you see your Community Logo click it.

How do I upload video?
Click the “Add video” tab
Input “Title” * (required)
Input Tags or keywords (optional)
Input “Description” * (required)
Click “Browse” Click the video file you want to upload Click “select” Click “upload” * (required)
IMPORTANT: Click “Save”

How do I upload music?
Click the “Add music” tab
Input “Title” * (required)
Input Tags or keywords (optional)
Input “Description” * (required)
Click “browse” * (required) click the file (.mp3 or .m4a) you want to upload Click “upload”
Choose a thumbnail image (optional) by clicking “browse” click the file (png, gif, jpg, jpeg) you want to upload click “upload”
IMPORTANT: When both uploads have finished click “Save”

How do I upload a photo?
Click the “Add photo” tab
Input “Title” * (required)
Input Tags or keywords (optional)
Input “Description” * (required)
Click “browse” * (required) click the file (png, gif, jpg, jpeg) you want to upload Click “upload”
IMPORTANT: When upload has finished click “Save”

How can I get more help?
You could try our video help resource library or email us at

What are the minimum system requirements?
Sound enabled PC or Mac
Broadband internet connection
Web browser with Cookies and Javascript enabled
Flash Player version 9 or higher
Screen Resolution 1024x768

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