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Yassin*, 14,: “I met Prosper* and we have learnt together, taken lunch together and had a nice time. I now know how to record sounds and take photographs. My work will tell everyone that children in Uganda need parental love and care and protection.”

Aisha* had finished eating her lunch, and so we asked her what she had enjoyed most about the day. Her face lit up with a lovely, bright smile. “I went on the computer. That was the best part. I learnt how to turn it on & off, and how to type.” And if the world was your audience, what would you say? “If the world was my audience, I would tell them to put Jesus first in your life. Yes, that is what my words would be.” We then starting talking to her friend, Ritah*, and Aisha* came rushing across. “Let me do it. I know what to do!” Her confidence was soaring, so the pen and paper were handed over. An hour later she gave it back to me after speaking to all her new friends.

Children talking about their time with Sitting Ducks and the Community Albums training they experienced.

*Names have been changed in line with CRANE's Child Protection Policy

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