Our work in Uganda

Next year will be 10 years since we first visited Children at Risk Action Network (CRANE) in Uganda, with a small mobile media studio and a crazy idea that local communities could shout for change using music and media. Since then there have been many amazing stories of positive change and restoration. There are now over 20 creative learning centres in Kampala, and a state of the art studio that produces song and programme content for national radio and TV. All material promotes good health messages, justice for the most vulnerable and helps keep children safe.


Creative Learning Centres
National advert views

The Media Team have made 3 adverts for TV. They have made a positive change to life in Uganda. An independent report said, "It is very exciting to note that within 2 years of the project life there are significant results from the campaign messages". Watch one of the amazing ads here:
We have also seen some amazing collaboration projects. This one was between schools in London, Northamptonshire and Kampala.