TV Adverts

We have worked for five years in Kampala, setting up a mobile media studio, and training and supporting the CRANE music and media team. We have so many wonderful stories. This one involves Andrew, a boy from the local community who stars in one of the TV ads CRANE has made. Unbeknown to anyone, Andrew identified with the boy he was playing in the ad, as his own parents were living apart. Amazingly, his parents both saw the ad on TV, and now they are back together as a family.

Our Partner in Uganda

CRANE is a network of 113 organisations with a total of over 500 staff and 400 volunteers who care for more than 19,400 children in Kampala. Part of CRANE’s advocacy strategy is to work together to help children use their voices to express their desire to be safe from abuse and have the opportunity to deliver a positive message to the adult community.

And it's not only Andrew's family who have benefitted. An independent report into the project said,

"It is very exciting to note that within two years of the project life, there are significant results from the campaign messages."

'Children as Adult Educators Through Music and Media Final Report, Uganda'