In 2007 and 2013, violence marred the Presidential elections in Kenya. In 2017, seven schools across the country wrote a song for peace. To show unity, each one wrote a verse in their own local language and then sang the chorus together. It was featured on national television and radio, and watched more than 100,000 times on YouTube. By sharing their message of peace in this creative way, countless people across the country were inspired to ‘Choose Peace’

Documentary: Kenya's Journey Towards Peace

This creative message of peace spread to Zimbabwe. Upon watching the song and video from Kenya, Zimbabwean young people made it their own during this year’s unprecedented election. It encouraged people from all across the nation to celebrate their homeland and work together in harmony for the good of everyone. Alongside promoting the song in both countries, The Salvation Army preached, talked, listened, put up billboards and posters, had marches and prayer meetings – all in the name of peace.

Community Albums believes that everyone has a voice, and that everyone’s voice is a powerful instrument for inspiring, healing, empowering, uniting, influencing and bringing about positive change. The organisation was founded by Rob May and Simon Hill, who are both musicians and producers who work at the cutting edge of the music and TV industry. Community Album’s work is life-changing and transformational. By creating space for messages to be voiced in song and film, we make our world a better place.

Community Albums always work in partnership with others, and this work was delivered with The Salvation Army.