Safety and Privacy

To help us try to achieve a safe online environment the following restrictions are in place:
• No personal emails or contact details are made public anywhere on the Community Albums site
• Only registered users who are logged in can post comments
• All video, audio and photos posted must be approved by your community leader before he/ she uploads it. Only then will it go live on the site

To help us with safety we recommend that you:
• Use nicknames or alias usernames and do not reveal your full real name
• Do not give out your email or other personal contact details to anyone on the site
• Report any comment or content that worries you immediately
• Ensure your username and password remains secret at all times.

Registered user Information/ content that is publicly available

• Your username and thumbnail picture/ logo on any comments that you post
• Any comment you post
• Any video, audio or photographs that you create and are approved then uploaded by your community leader

We value your input and comment about Community Albums. If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything in more detail please contact us:
If you have any queries or would like further information please use the contact form or contact at us at:

Data protection
Community Albums collects basic information regarding hits, performance and functionality of the Community Albums web site. Community Albums also collects basic personal information about registered users of the Community Albums web site who complete Community Albums comments form. This basic information includes the name and email address of the user. We collect the comments and suggestions made by the registered users who have completed the Community Albums Comments form. This information helps us in planning and evaluating the benefits provided by the Community Albums web site.
From time to time Community Albums may host a contest or other promotional feature on the Community Albums web site for which, we may ask for personal details and email addresses.

Privacy of users
Community Albums is committed to protecting the privacy of all registered users of the Community Albums web site. We will not share your information with others without your prior consent.
We reserve the right to publish aggregate statistics about number of our users, sales and traffic patterns. Community Albums use all reasonable precautions to ensure only responsible third parties see your information, however we are not responsible for any breach of security or any actions of any third parties who receive the information.

Security of registered users
We will continue to invest in the best quality security available and do our utmost to protect registered user privacy.
If you have any queries or would like further information please use the contact form or contact at us at:

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