Success Stories

There are many ways of measuring the success of a Community Albums project.

From reduced crime figures and changes in legislation to community change and increased self esteem and worth.

Here are some comments from people we have met along the way:

"This does more than just tick boxes; what you guys are doing is changing people's lives... the young people you are working with have changed and now have a very different outlook from when they started the project!"  Tim Susans - Head of Service Sanctuary Carr-Gomm

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"You are not only speaking for those in the video, but for all the voiceless in Uganda."  Vice President of Uganda, Edward Sekandi

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"We had a 63% reduction in Arsons in our area. I would say that directly resulted [from the project Community Albums ran] just before the summer holidays" PC Jade Hewitt, Banbury Police

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"Community Albums brings the whole Foyer together. I have met new residents and have new skills and confidence. There is less bad behaviour now." Billy Foster - resident, Banbury Foyer

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"Community Albums have richly contributed to the life of North Oxfordshire Academy. As well as technical and musical expertise, the value of what they do can be measured in the increased self-worth and achievement that the pupils experience. Having successful professionals work alongside our pupils helps them to gain a real insight into how the world of music and media operates, and benefits them as they look towards careers of their own."
Ruth Robinson, Principle North Oxfordshire Academy

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"Community Albums provides an opportunity for vulnerable children to express their often complex emotions and through that gain a better understanding of themselves. Listening is as integral to love, as love is to healing. Enabling these children to be heard and to better hear themselves is significant for both them and those who care for them "  Patrick McDonald Founder of Viva

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"One of the most tragic effects of the lack of development of our countries in Latin America, is the low self-esteem of the children.  Our experience is that when you invest more than just the basic needs on them, you guarantee the quickest, deepest and self sustainable transformation of the children and their communities." Alfredo Mora Rojas - Director of Viva in Latin America


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