African Singing Games

The children of Joytown Special School perform this singing game so well that the Kenyan president is known to request an audience with them once a year.

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You guys sure know how to play! You can sing and look so happy in ALL you do

Thank you!

X x x

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Thanks Again

Although the children at Joytown do not have access to the internet i will be sure to pass on these comments to them as i am in regular communication with them.

Music is a big part of their lives and very helpful in rehabilitation.

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Great hope.

They are realy worth to be listened to and watch . It is a challenge to Ugandan leaders to have the children as a priority on their agend

Humphrey B

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Thank you for your comments, they really are very talented children. There is also a great video of an open Mic session you can watch where the children sing more freely.

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