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About Us

Community Albums was set up in 2011 by Rob May and Simon Hill. Both are award winning composers and music producers who have worked in the music and TV industries for over 30 years. They run Sitting Duck one of the UK's leading TV music production companies.  

In their professional careers, music is often only seen in two ways: it entertains and makes money.

They believe, however, music also has the power to inspire, heal, empower, unite and bring about positive change.

Recording Music


to build better communities through music and media

what we do

We devise and deliver bespoke projects

and programmes for those wanting to use

music and media to develop people and give communities a voice

We are committed to the development of

individuals and communities through the

making of music and media as a transformational process

We are unique in that we not only deliver

projects and specific programmes, but a

well developed and experienced resource

for those who wish co utilise music and

media to develop people

Our resource is experienced and respected

musicians, producers and writers who have

worked and continue to work at the cutting

edge of the commercial sector. We also

have experienced development experts

who work with our partners to design

programmes that deliver community


Music Production
Music Recording


To see communities all over the world using music and media, giving them a voice and building relationships with each other through collaboration. Using music and media technology we aim to encourage networks of communities across developed and developing countries to share opinions and collaborate together on shared objectives, enabling them to explore their creative potential and to inspire, influence and bring about positive change..

project aims

Each project we deliver is unique.

They are all:

  1. life changing

  2. vital

  3. excellent in quality

  4. forward looking

  5. designed to empower individuals

  6. designed to produce change and positive outcome in communities

Music Performers
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